Halloween Fun

Thinking of a Halloween party or themed event, we can offer props and room themes to make it a perfect night.

Lots more  props available here

Halloween ButlerOur animated butler stands at approximately 6′ tall, he is activated by sound or motion and his head and eyes move.

The butler speaks 9 phrases and his chest also moves when he breathes, great for the spooky season, very very spooky prop.

Halloween Witch


Our animated witch stands at 5ft tall and speaks spooky phrases when activated by noise or motion. Also the witches head moves side to side and her eyes light up, this is a big favorite.

Witch Head

Large inflatable walk through Haunted House

Halloween Fun Halloween Fun Halloween Fun


Halloween Face Ripper

Face Ripper

The baby of the bunch stands at 2’6 and again is sound / motion activated, he speaks numerous spooky phrases before removing his face to reveal his skull.

Halloween Face Ripper Skull


Halloween Rodeo PumpkinForget the rodeo bull at this time of year, the rodeo pumpkin is ideal for your spooky events. Halloween Coffin5ft coffin prop with skeleton hand breaking through.


Don’t forget to hire a smoke machine for that extra special spooky effect.


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